1.Sympathy with animals – a part of peaceful life

1.Sympathy with animals – a part of peaceful life



Animals deserve our love. And people owe them so much love.


An animal is not food, or subject of amusement. Animals are free

creatures with their own feelings.


The more people accept veganism as permanent parts of their lives, the

less animals will suffer and die needlessly. It is so simple.


Humans can make decisions in their lives, but they must be also

responsible for choosing practical and specific sympathy.


Let’s create peace in the world of animals, now:


- Do not let us eat meat, dairy products or eggs.


- Do not let us wear fur and leather.


- Do not let us visit circuses with animals.


- Do not let us encage animals for entertainment.


- Let’s stop hunting animals, including fish, and let’s restore natural

balance in the nature.


- Let’s search alternatives for animal testing intensely.


- Let’s save abandoned dogs and cats.


- Let’s prevent any needless violence against animals.


- Let’s see all animal species, starting from the largest ones up to the

smallest beetles, as our friends.


- Let’s keep deepening our love for animals.



Each human may substantially help to make life on the Earth more



- Let’s stop smoking cigarettes.


- Let’s stop drinking alcohol.


- Let’s prevent distribution of drugs through correct education of



- Let’s practice voluntary material modesty.


- Let’s support sustainable life and natural renewable resources.


- Let’s grow non-commercial culture.


- Let’s create free communities with good human relations.


- Let’s protect human rights.


- Let’s protect the nature and the planet.


Veganism is an integral part of path to peace on the Earth. We believe

that 21st century will be the period, when people stop harming the

animals forever, so this is

the reason for the name vegan21.


If we do not want or if we cannot practice veganism, let’s try to approach

that as much as possible – its value is extremely positive as well. Let’s

help animals and nature as much as we can.


Do not let us close our eyes when seeing innocent creatures suffering

and let’s help where we can. Let’s create more compassionate world

civilization together not to have to be ashamed in front of our children

and grandchildren.


There is no sense in harm. Only Love makes the sense.


Let’s open to the God in the peace of our hearts. Let’s find more and more

love for each creature and for everything which exist. This is the most

important thing in the world. Life is everywhere.


Please, help the animals – share the link for this blog with as many

people as possible!!!!!!


Thank you very much.